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Residential Design

Home is not only a living space. It is made up of/by the people who live in it. With the growing trend of living in cookie cutter condominiums, effective residential design should ensure that each condo uniquely fits the homeowner as much as possible. For Interior Mania, not only the carpet space of your home matters. Each and every room should reflect your taste and personality. Moreover, designing as per Vastu/ Feng Shui and in an eco-friendly manner is also important. Keeping this in mind, Interior Mania looks into every aspect of each room in order to bring out something that aptly matches the client’s specifications within his/her budget.


Retail Design

Designing interior of a retail space is a challenge because of the large area to be covered within the limited space constraint. Moreover retail design must be in accordance with the product(s) going to be showcased, giving the customers a thematic experience that entices them to purchase the merchandise. Interior Mania looks after every aspect of designing with special attention on the lighting effects, safety provisions & constructing it in a way to facilitate maximum stocking space as well as convenient walking space for people. Simultaneously, we design in a very short time without disrupting the seasonal sale is our USP.


Commercial Design

Designing commercial spaces is a tricky business. Besides shedding light on the specific need of its existence it must also be unique and cost effective. Commercial designing specialists of Interior Mania being expert in creating office buildings, manufacturing plants, and even apartment complexes with equal proficiency, work with clients to develop a customized plan based on the specifications provided. In addition to it, Interior Mania also supervises the entire construction and renovation process, obtains any necessary building permits, and arranges contracts with plumbers, electricians and construction professionals.


6 Reasons To Use Interior Mania


Interior Expertise

Interior Design reflects the vibrant and joyful atmosphere of an organisation. It brings positive energies to all working there and perform more than the expectations. We understand our clients and create a design of their choice & taste within time & budget.


Awards Winning

While we work we expect awards, obviously not from any organisation but from our esteemed clients for whom we are working. We are happy that we have earned a very good name for the quality execution with design within time frame which have been appreciated by our clients always.


Reasonable Price

While keeping the quality of the materials used in our projects on top priority, we hire skilled and expert manpower to execute our projects no matter big or small. Good work with quality always attracts clients, not because of its price but for the quality execution within a reasonable price.


Free Consultation

We value & respect each and every enquiry received by us from any sector. It's very important to have a robust discussion with the clients to understand the organisation, their business and requirement before we draw a single line. And we are proud to say, we do it without charging a rupee.


Guaranteed Works

You cannot change and renovate your houses, offices, shops or any space on daily basis draining out your hard earned money. And to secure your investments you must associate with an organisation with reliability. Interior Mania do take the responsibility with Guarantee.


24 / 7 Support

After Sales & Service, Support is as important as the products sold and the services given. Our clients are happy as we respond to them promtly with resolution. We do this with more dedication and on top priority as we believe this as our backbone to be in the good book of our client for future reference.

Our Process

  • Meet Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

When you start to plan for an Interior Design, lots of ideas pop up in your mind in connection with your space. Sometimes it becomes very tough to take a decision as what you want to do. We at Interior Mania being aware of this challenge, meet with the clients to understand and discuss the challenges. We carve the discussion, collage the thought process of our clients with us and agree on some basic points to take this forward as a reference where we can start working on the project.

After we understand your requirement, it becomes our duty to conceptualise and float ideas exactly the way you dreamt for your space. We become you and our mind starts reacting as yours, your dream become and belongs to ours now. In this process we come across with many ideas, sometimes it crosses the boundaries. But we come back to our desk to figure out the best with the top three ideas we thought for you, conceptualise the same and freeze the same for the next step to follow.

Once we floated ideas and conceptualise your dream now its time to start drawing the layout for your space. At Interior Mania we have the expertise to Draw and Design your space to suit your requirement as per your dream. We create the design with the help of software and create first best three options. Now its time to finalise the layout which initially we provide in the form of sketches, once the same has been passed we go for 2D & 3D drawing for the sketches passed by our clients. Now its time to meet and agree on the drawing for final countdown.

We at Interior Mania take 5 days to mobilise the Projects Execution to start. Within this time we assign our Site Supervisor with Inventory, Vendors, Suppliers, Skilled people to start execution. With our expertise in all the sectors like Basic Infrastructure, Plumbing, Electricals, IT, Networking, Electronics and Office Automation, Furniture etc. we fix the time frame for each and every supply and execution of services. Once we build the basic infrastructure we start installing and complete the project on time.